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  1. Estate Sales
  2. Moving/Downsizing
  3. Business Liquidation
  4. Inventory Clearence
  5. Charity Events
  6. Fund Raisers
 Moving and downsizing are different than a complete estate sale. You know that the choice to move or downsize limits what you can take with you.
Those cherished items that you can no longer keep can be sold at auction. This will save you time and money and add money back into your funds to help with the expensive of the upcoming move.
Senior citizens that are downsizing find this service extremely helpful, being able to sell what is not needed yet keep what has special meaning too them.
  Selling Personal Property
          Hidden Treasures
 Each estate is unique in what is available too sell,
when time allows we like to research items to establish a solid baseline so that you receive the highest dollar amount.
Inventory clearance is designed to move outdated, out of season older merchandise to bring in revenue to purchase new or additional inventory.
There are times when your inventory becomes stale and has been looked over for several months.
At that point it may be better to recover funds to add a fresh look with new inventory.
Let us help you in this process and increase your future sales.
 Business liquidations or court ordered liquidations are completed in a timely fashion ensuring that funds are allocated to the business or creditors as directed.
We understand the importance of what time and revenue can make for the operation of a business.
For creditors we understand that quick asset recovery is of the up most importance. 
We will work with you at every step of the way, keeping you informed of our progress.
We like to reach out to charitable groups in the effort to help those in our community as they help others.
Our fees are minimal for these sales, as we feel that what we do to help others is a reward in itself.
Fund raiser should be fun and not a labor of love. In most cases it comes down to having a bake sale or selling small items.
What if items were donated too your organization then auctioned off to the public. Easy, fun and a great way of generating much needed funds.Yo

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                                             Not all sales will be conducted by Executive Auction Company. Some items that need special licenses such as Real Estate, weapons or automobiles   may be 
                                                        refered to a   auctioneer with the capability and proper license.  We do have working relationships with highly respected established auctioneers

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